Interview: Chris Reeves after Dunstable Town

Reeves mobbed by the club's players (Photo Credit: Andy Orman)

Reeves mobbed by the club’s players (Photo Credit: Andy Orman)

Originally published 16/04/16 on South Coast Journalism

Vice-Chairman Chris Reeves took time out of Poole’s celebrations to reflect on the ‘incredible journey’ back to the Southern League and ultimately, to the National South.

Reeves has seen it all at Poole Town – but admits that this current golden era is one of the best times in Poole’s history.

“It’s been an incredible journey, an absolutely incredible journey, and I just feel proud, so terrifically proud.

“To have won the Southern Premier League with all the millstones placed around our neck, and in fairness, probably having the worst facilities in the league, but facilities we spent half a million pounds (£500,000) creating, we’ve satisfied ground grading and allowed Tom to realise his ambitions on the field.

“And the more successful he is on the field, the more successful we have to be off the field, and so far, it’s been a really good partnership.

“With inducting Roger Bazeley [Ex-Poole centre half and Dolphins Manager) into the Hall of Fame before the game, I’ve been asked that a lot [whether this is the best Poole side he has seen].

“I say we have had some really good sides over the years, this is up there with the best.”

Ellie Bumford, head of Poole’s fantastic hospitality, had sent warnings about premature celebrations, with the late defeat to Gosport in the 2013 Playoff final still relatively recent to be forgotten – but Reeves gambled on any possible backfiring with two minutes to go.

“I thought ‘well three nil up, with two minutes to go against nine men’, I thought it was fairly safe to bring it out!”

Poole will face Bideford on Tuesday, who have already been relegated. With that fixture being the last home game of the season for Poole, the Southern Premier League trophy is expected to be presented – alongside a lot more champagne.

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