Interview: No ‘moping’ about missing out on Tom Blair for Killick

Tom Blair pictured with Eastleigh (Photo Credit: Eastleigh FC)

Tom Killick spoke about missing out on loan target Tom Blair – but is not getting frustrated at the constraining factors of Poole’s budget.

Poole were one of at least three Southern League Premier South sides that submitted loan bids for former Dorchester starlet Blair, who eventually joined Salisbury until January.

Speaking to All Poole Aren’t We, Killick stated: “Against Dorchester, the expectation is that we will beat Dorchester. I was interested in signing [Tom Blair] last week, financially we were struggling to do it.

“But Dorchester were apparently able to cover the whole thing – I’m just amazed by it.”

Dorchester reportedly matched Salisbury’s offer in full, but rather than a homecoming to the Avenue, Blair opted to join Steve Claridge’s Salisbury side.

“We made an offer that was within our financial parameters. [Eastleigh] made it clear that they wanted his full wages paid – that was never going to be realistic or achievable for us. Salisbury are able to do that sort of thing in a blink of an eye.”

“Fair play to Salisbury, their gain is our loss,” Killick continued.

“We all know what the landscape is, are we moping around about it? – no. Do I still believe in the group? – yes. We just move on.”

Blair is a client of former Bolton Wanderers striker Kevin Davies, who had apparently shopped the youngster around clubs in the National League. Fellow Salisbury winger Antonio Diaz is also a Davies client.

Despite being unable to match the financial resources of other sides in the league, Killick is content with his squad – and at peace with Poole’s budget. Instead, the Dolphins stalwart is looking to use his side’s inherent strengths to his advantage.

“If you look at the squad against Harrow, we were without Jack Dickson, and we were without Thiago Cazé. As a result of that, we only had four proper subs. Ideally, the squad needs adding to.

“The trouble is, from a financial point of view, I’m almost in a position where if I wanted to add to it, I’d probably have to let people go. That means we’re not really achieving an awful lot.

“It’s a tricky situation, but we just got to stick together, hope we get a bit of luck with injuries and availability.

“That’s the thing we would struggle with, and that’s where the Salisburys, the Tauntons, the money teams are not going to struggle with that. They’ll have a squad of 20, and if four get injured they’ll go and sign two in the week before their next match.

“That’s where it’s different. Everyone knows where we stand. We’re financially stronger than some teams.

“There’s no point bleating on about it, we have to stick to our own strengths. In my view, that is the group, in terms willingness and desire to be at the football club for the right reasons, and we’ll carry on.”

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