Interview: “I’ve got the best striker in the league” claims Killick

Killick embracing Lee after Swindon Supermarine (Photo Credit: League without Limits)

Manager Tom Killick labelled hotshot Tony Lee “the best striker in the league” ahead of his side’s clash with Taunton Town and Toby Holmes.

With Poole coming up against multiple hitmen in recent weeks that are prolific at this level, Killick picked his leading goalscorer as the best of the bunch.

Tony Lee and Toby Holmes are familiar names on the Southern League’s top goalscorer’s list, but despite having managed both, Killick prefers his current striker.

Since being handed his Southern League debut by Killick, Holmes has gone from strength to strength, becoming one of the league’s most sought after strikers.

When asked about the former Dolphins striker, Killick stated: “If you have Toby in your side, I feel you have to play a certain way.

“He does certain things very well. They’ve also got Gethin Hill, who is also a very, very good player.

“As far as I’m concerned, I’ve got the best striker in the league. I wouldn’t want to swap Tony for anyone, and we have to move on.”

Picked up from Dorset Premier League side Parley Sports, Holmes joined the club at the start of their promotion winning season, and struggled to start in front of the more experienced Alan Connell and Richard Gillespie.

“I feel that when he was with us it was just a right thing to do at that time – to be blunt I don’t think he was good enough to play regularly.

“Credit to him, since he’s gone, he’s improved a lot. With a club like ours, with a smaller squad, people have to be ready to step in, to be ready to play. We can’t afford to spend money on projects on the whole.

“As much as you’d like to put players like Toby on contract and see how he progresses, we’re not in a position to do it.”

Since departing Poole for Dorchester, the goals have followed Holmes as he moved between Wimborne, Salisbury, and current club Taunton.

“You have to let them go and try elsewhere, and he’s done very well for himself. He’s made himself into a very effective striker.”

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