Interview: Killick all ears in bid to add to squad

Tom Killick has revealed that he is using all of his contacts in a bid to bolster his threadbare squad – including recently appointed director Andy Rossiter.

With Sean Wright and Dan Bartlett picking up knocks in the defeat to Chippenham on Tuesday night, Killick now has five players carrying injuries, undermining the league’s smallest squad.

Rossiter joins Poole’s board after a lengthy association with Yeovil Town, where he most notably was involved with the Glover’s youth set-up.

Speaking to All Poole Aren’t We, Killick stated: “Andy has got a very good background for us on the footballing side, in terms of having contacts with not just Yeovil, but other clubs, in and around that area.

“We’ve had conversations about certain players. I’m never against taking advice or getting help from anyone when it comes to recruitment.

“Some of the best players I have signed historically have come from a recomendation or help from a third party.”

Besides Rossiter, Killick keeps in close contact with both Shaun Cooper and Alan Connell, former Dolphins players that currently head the coaching set-up at Dean Court.

“When you’re trying to do everything that I have to do, without sounding conceited, you have to be open to other people giving input,” Killick continued.

“Andy has got a good background. It would be foolish for me to turn my back on any suggestions or contacts that he has.

“If we can make use of something going forward, we will.”

Speaking back when Rossiter was appointed, Chairman Chris Reeves echoed the sentiments expressed by Killick, saying: “I’m really excited about Andy getting involved. He brings experience, and he knows so many people.

“New people coming to the club that come with a phone full of contacts are always welcome! He is going to be invaluable to us.”

Rossiter departed Yeovil in 2018 after his role as Chairman of the academy was scrapped, with Reeves stating that he was chomping at the bit to get back into football.

“Andy told me that he was looking for a new football club to fall in love with,” Reeves continued.

“After 18 months away from it all, he’s really missed being in and around football, being involved with a club.

“I know in any hypothetical situation were Poole Town ceased to exist, I would be exactly the same, looking to get involved behind the scenes.

“He has embraced our invitation, and we look forward to a long and happy association with Andy. I know he will be a big part of the club moving forward, and he is certainly in it for the long haul.”

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