Interview: Killick couldn’t care less if Salisbury fans think he’s a ‘clown’

So what? (Photo Credit: Jon Ashworth / Side of the World)

Tom Killick has been known to rile up a few people in football – but very rarely does Poole’s boss care about what those outside of his club think.

That applies to supporters of other clubs, namely Salisbury – who have taken a strong disliking to their former player.

Flippant comments from Killick will be pounced upon by some in Wiltshire, who rarely have anything positive to say about the Tatnam Farm stalwart.

However, it’s all water off a duck’s back for Killick, who will continue to be himself.

Speaking to All Poole Aren’t We, Killick said: “If their supporters think I’m a bit of a clown, whatever they think – it doesn’t really interest me – it’s not something that upsets me, as if I think I used to be there and they should love me.

“When I was there with Taffy, we were rubbish anyway! We didn’t have any money, and then Holmesy [Nick Holmes] came along, and we had a bit more money so we could do a little bit better.

“I didn’t pull up any trees when I was here. We played Sheffield Wednesday away in the FA Cup, that was a good occasion.”

Killick once told the Daily Echo that some Salisbury supporters “associate me with one of Salisbury’s worst ever seasons.”

“There’s probably not many people there that remember me, I haven’t done anything amazing there, I don’t think I deserve any huge sort of affection.

“It’s so long ago that I was there. So, what are we talking, nearly 20 years ago? Half of their supporters wouldn’t have even known I’ve been there. So it doesn’t worry me one bit.

“I don’t take anything like that personally. We’ve probably done quite well against them head to head. We’ve punched miles above our weight.

“When you look at Salisbury’s facilities, and then you look at what we’ve got, we’re managing to go toe-to-toe with them. I’m quite proud of that.”

Initially a player before stepping up to become long time ally Taffy Richardson’s right hand man, Killick returned to the club to assist Southampton legend Nick Holmes – with Killick vibrant in his praise for his former manager.

“Nick Holmes was brilliant. Such a dignified, intelligent, articulate, decent person – it was amazing to work with him, I learnt an awful lot.

“It didn’t seem to rub off on me, the dignity and I don’t know, how he conducts himself – unfortunately, that didn’t rub off on me enough.”

Holmes, who never took another job in management after his six year stint with Salisbury, was equally high on Killick, as highlighted by these quotes in the Daily Echo at the time.

In 2001, Holmes said: “Tom’s been invaluable to me. I wouldn’t know where to look if he ever fancied giving it a go on his own in management. His contacts are excellent. He knows everyone in the area and most of what has happened here player-wise is down to him.

“A lot of people said the two of us would never be able to work together, but it’s been quite the opposite.

“Tom’s wonderful with the lads and has a great rapport with them, which means I can be the grumpy, old fart!”

Of course, Killick would leave Salisbury for Poole, going on to become one of the longest serving managers in non-league, and Dolphins’ most succesful leader.

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