Interview: ‘Admin error’ prevented Joe Wickham from appearing on Poole’s bench midweek

Joe Wickham during pre-season (Photo Credit: Jon Ashworth / Side of the World)

Tom Killick revealed his ire over paperwork complications denying him the opportunity to name prospect Joe Wickham on the bench for Poole’s 1-1 draw against Salisbury.

Thanks to the many different forms that the Southern League requires, there was a slight hiccup with Wickham’s status – despite the midfielder already playing this season for Poole.

Speaking to All Poole Aren’t We, Killick stated: “The tragic thing about Salisbury is that young Joe Wickham, I’ve brought him all the way over here, and we’ve made an administrative error.”

The issue arose after Poole agreed for Wickham to be dual registered with Wessex League Shaftesbury, where other member of Poole’s youth teams feature.

The agreement caused Wickham’s status with the Southern League to chance, causing the paperwork mishap.

“I can’t quite get my head around it,” continued Killick. “We de-registered him as a contract player.

“We’ve got three contract players – Tony Lee, Mark Childs and Joe Wickham, and all we wanted to do was de-register him as a contract player and re-register him as non-contract, allowing him to effectively dual register with Shaftesbury.

“In a stroke of wisdom we cancelled his registration, and then we didn’t re-register him as a contract player. I’m really sorry for the kid, dragging him over here.

“I’m not saying he would have definitely gotten on, but it perhaps would have been a nice occasion, a good game for him to get some minutes.

“But his time will come.”

Killick also revealed that defender Thiago Cazé had left the club, with Poole’s boss still working on a few loan deals to supplement his side.

Poole will be without Corby Moore for their next three games, with the side unable to provide enough evidence to prove that the midfielder’s dismissal against Kings Langley was clear and obvious.

“Thiago has left the club, so we could do with some reinforcements, especially with Corby Moore’s suspension coming up.”

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