Interview: Cycle for SPRING on their way to Wembley – and further on!

Cycle for SPRING line up ahead of their departure (Photo Credit: Jon Ashworth / Side of the World)

A team of amateur cyclists set off at 7am today in a bid to cycle 100 miles to Wembley stadium – with the group not just stopping there in the bid to raise money for a very special charity.

They will travel over four times that initial amount, looping back down the country to Bath, Torquay, and then back home to Poole.

Poole Town Assistant Manager Micky Hubbard and his friend Chris Travers organised the fundraiser after tragically going through the experience of their babies born sleeping, with SPRING supporting and caring for both families.

The fundraiser allows the two to give something back and help SPRING to support even more families going through the same process, as well as commemorating their baby girls Olivia-Mae and Cecelia.

Speaking to All Poole Aren’t We, Hubbard said: “We’ll see how it goes! It’s a very sensitive situation, with what happened with my little one.

“In my opinion, it is a very good charity, in terms of what they’ve done for me and stuff like that. We’ve raised nearly £15,500, five times over what we set out.

“It means a lot to me – it’s going to be a tough week, but the one thing that I won’t do is be beaten.

“To watch my partner go through what she went through – I was a strong character anyway, but that made me stronger, watching someone like her having to go through something she did, and coming out the other side.

“I definitely won’t be quiting – that’s for sure.”

The fundraiser has received support from across the local football scene, with current and former Poole players volunteering to cycle.

However, with Poole’s current injury crisis, Will Spetch and Corby Moore might have to sit out for parts of the journey.

The Dolphins Duo did set off with the group on Thursday morning.

Continuing, Hubbard said: “It’s a hard one – I’ve spoken to the gaffer, and the lads want to do it with me, to support me, but the best support they could give me is by putting it on the pitch, in my opinion.

Some players have directly donated, whilst top goal scorer Tony Lee pledged per goal – a decision that will cost the in form striker up to the tune of £120 currently.

Hubbard thanked those that had donated, before saying: “Tony, bless him – for all the people that say wrongs about Tony, he decided to put £10 in for our charity everytime he scored.”

Original plans would have seen a group of nine cyclists cross the channel and cycle to Paris and back, but with lockdowns and other COVID restrictions getting in the way, the fundraiser will instead cycle the same distance throughout England.

You can read more about SPRING and donate by following this link:

You can make a donation by clicking this link here:

You can also read more about the work SPRING do by visiting their website – or by following them on Twitter @SPRING_UHD.

The cycle is also being sponsored by local companies The Cosmetic Clinic, Abakon Flooring, Bluechip Financial, SWD, W&S Recycling, KDW Property Services and Parvalux.

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