Interview: Killick keen to turn performances into results

Killick leading his troops out at the Black Gold (Photo Credit: Jon Ashworth / Side of the World)

Tom Killick is relatively nonplussed despite his side coming into their next fixture without a win in six games.

Draws against playoff hopefuls in the league were followed by Poole’s tight tie in the FA Cup with National South Chippenham, before a sloppy game away at Kings Langley saw Dolphins lose for the first time since August.

And despite picking up another decent point away at Salisbury, Killick admits that decent performances mean nothing if they don’t accompany results.

Speaking to All Poole Aren’t We, Killick said: “It’s like people say – you can play well but lose games. If you play well over a sustained period of time, the results will normally follow.

“I feel out of those six games, there hasn’t been any particularly poor performances apart from Kings Langley.

“If you look at the two games against Chippenham, I actually thought we were better in the second game than we were the first one. The first game we were probably average, adequate, whilst the second game we were really good.

“Met Police, we weren’t great, but they’re a good side and we did quite well away from home.

“You look at a lot of those results – the performances haven’t been too bad, and with a bit of luck and things going your way, you might end up picking up more points.

“However, we are where we are. On Saturday I feel we are under huge pressure because of only picking up one point from two games, and obviously the run that we are on over the past few games in terms of points.”

Poole’s defeat last weekend lead to criticism and panic from some quarters, but Dolphins manager Killick is taking a more tempered approach.

“Without being disrespectful to Kings Langley, what has caused us a big problem this week is losing Saturday.

“If we had gone there and won, and then picked up a point at Salisbury, it’s more than acceptable. Unfortunately, if you go to Kings Langley and lose, you have to back it up with a win, and we didn’t.

“Out of two games, we’ve picked up only one point, and that’s not what we’re looking for. We did ourselves some damage on Saturday – we almost clawed it back by getting a win Tuesday night, but it wasn’t quite to be.”

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