Interview: Flexibility is key for Poole and Killick

Tom Killick was relatively pleased with his side after they successfully negotiated playing a new formation.

Injuries and suspensions had forced Poole into a three at the back formation, but recent performances indicate Dolphins are more than comfortable with the approach.

Killick told All Poole Aren’t We: “I just think you have to have a bit of flexibility – you have to have a plan B.

“We’ve always struggled psychologically with three at the back, historically we haven’t done particularly well with it.

“There’s perhaps been a little bit of negativity about it from the players perspective, but we went to Chippenham away and we were very good in that shape.

“Against Kings Langley we obviously conceded within a minute, which you can’t really legislate for, then we had a sending off and we changed the shape early on.”

Despite strong performances in their new formation, Poole did revert to two at the back against Beaconsfield – with Killick stressing that the ability to seamlessly switch between tactics could bode well further into the campaign.

Killick continued: “I just feel we showed against Beaconsfield we can play that way, we reverted in the second half to a 4-5-1 because they were sitting very deep, we weren’t finding space behind and the central areas were getting really congested.

“I just felt we need to stretch the play a little bit, to allow the full backs and wide players pushed on a little bit.

“I think you need that flexibility, to have the players be able to switch between formations at times, and they’ve done that over recent weeks and they did it against Beaconsfield, and that’s a positive thing.”

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