Interview: Killick ‘proud’ of youngsters despite ‘big disappointment’

Tom Killick lead the praises for his young guns after they almost came out on top at the New Cuthbury against rivals Wimborne Town in the Southern League Cup.

With the competition low on the list of priorities for Killick, the stalwart boss utilised the competition as an opportunity to blood Poole’s youngsters into senior football.

Speaking to All Poole Aren’t We, Killick stated:  “We dominated the game. The second half, we were so much better than them, and the young lads deserved another game.

“That’s why I’m gutted. The young lads have put in a performance that deserves to see them through the next round.

“I would have loved to have had another opportunity of having another game with them, because their superiority in the second half was so significant.

“I was so surprised – Wimborne started bringing on more senior players, and we became more dominant.

“I am so proud. My big disappointment is that they deserve another game, and I would have loved to have given them another game in the next round. But, these things happen.”

When asked if there were any standout performers, Killick began to list off players – before realising he’d have to go through the whole side.

“Young Malaki Stanners at left-back, young Harry Hutchinson, I could go through the whole group,” continued Killick.

“Towards the end, bringing on even younger players, just a lot of really good performances.

“Will [Fletcher] is a brilliant lad and a brilliant player, again, he bullied their centre halves – he was just very impressive. He’s going to have a good career.

“I was pleased with his performance.

“Young Louis MacArthur scored a great goal, but you could go through the whole side really.

“As a group, I thought for the first 25 minutes, first half an hour, I thought Wimborne were possibly the better side, but after that we were so superior.

“It was a huge positive – because I wasn’t expecting it. When I saw our lineup and their lineup, I thought it might be difficult, but I was just surprised at how dominant we were, particularly the second half.

“It bodes well for them as a group.”

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