Interview: New stadium not my concern says Killick

Thoughts of a new stadium are far from the mind of Poole boss Tom Killick, who says he can only concentrate on things he can control – like performances on the pitch.

Tuesday saw Poole’s first visit to local rivals Wimborne Town’s new ground, leaving sections of Poole’s fanbase wondering when they will have an update to plans for a new home of their own.

However, manager Killick is leaving the stresses of worrying about new stadiums to those on the board.

Speaking to All Poole Aren’t We, Killick stated: “I’m just interested in having a good team really. A ground like this would help us in terms of a revenue stream, in terms of attracting players, but I can’t affect that – I’ve given up on trying to affect it.

“We just concentrate on being a powerful team against the odds, and we’ll carry on being a powerful team.

“If other clubs get new stadiums, good luck to them. But ultimately I’m judged for what happens on the field.

“I feel we will always fight at the top end of the league, that’s how we will be.”

Killick, a Wimborne legend thanks to his Wembley double in the Magpies’ Vase winning season, holds no hard feelings for his former club.

“It’s the first time I’ve been here, this ground,” continued Killick.

“I’m sure it will be a positive thing for Wimborne going forward, but like I say, as a manager I can’t affect that type of thing, we just have to be as strong as possible on the field.

“I don’t wish Wimborne any harm – I’d much rather they be in the league then not be in the league.

“Wimborne are a local team, and we’d much rather have them in the league then not in the league. From that point of view, I’d always wish them all the best.

“Hopefully they can claw themselves back from the situation they find themselves in.”

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