Interview: Killick’s ‘Soft spot’ for Dorset Senior Cup despite Weymouth and Dorchester opting out

The Dorset Senior Cup has been reduced to just nine sides after Ridgeway duo Dorchester Town and Weymouth were revealed to not be taking part in this year’s edition.

Swanage & Herston of the DPL were the other side to drop out, but the return of Gillingham meant two unlucky sides will have to face off to qualify for the quarter finals, whilst seven other clubs receive byes.

Poole have won the competition four times under Killick, and due to the manager’s soft spot for the Dorset Senior Cup, opting out like Dorchester and Weymouth was never on the cards.

Killick explained to All Poole Aren’t We: “I think it doesn’t help the competition, because from our point of view, the ideal scenario is that we win it by beating Weymouth or Dorchester, whoever it is, in the final.

“I’ve always had quite a soft spot for the Dorset Senior Cup, I used to really enjoy playing in it, and I’ve always enjoyed entering it.

“I’ve always treated and taken it quite seriously. I never contemplated not entering it from our point of view.

“I think it’s a little bit unfortunate for the competition that Dorchester and Weymouth are not in it, if I’m honest.”

After first winning the competition as a ninth-tier side, Killick is aware that clubs lower down the pyramid might look forward to fixtures with more established Dorset sides – and is wary of the impact it will have.

“I’m mindful of some of the clubs lower than us, if they got the opportunity to play Dorchester or Weymouth away, that would be a really, really good match for them.

“That was always one of the beauties of the Dorset Senior Cup, is that it gives even Dorset Premier League sides the chance to play sides from higher up the pyramid.

“I thought it was quite good from that point of view. This year, it is looking very, very, different.”

With Poole’s U23s entering the Dorset Senior Trophy, Dorset FA rules prevent players from competiting in both competitions – which will force Killick into naming strong sides.

“I think they should make an exception on that when it comes to reserve sides. Because to me, you are almost obstructing opportunities for younger players.

“I can see why it is potentially in place, particularly coming down if you like – someone could suddenly sign for someone in the trophy at the semi-final stage, from a higher level, – almost encouraging ringers, for want of a better word.

“From our point of view, when we’ve got the younger players that we’re keen to give opportunities to, it’s just a bit of a shame that potentially they might be prevented from having those opportunities by that rule.”

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