Interview: Informal interest in Tony Lee but Killick confident on keeping main man

All eyes on Lee – (Photo Credit: Jon Ashworth / Side of the World)

Tony Lee’s 15 goals from 13 games is attracting attention from National South clubs – but despite informal enquiries, manager Tom Killick is calm when discussing his star striker’s future.

Killick confirmed that the club had been subject to tentative enquiries in regard to Lee’s availability from a fellow Southern League Premier South side and a National South outfit.

Speaking to All Poole Aren’t We, Killick revealed: “I’ve had an informal approach directly to me from a club in our league.

“I mentioned it to Tony – but I don’t think it was anything that has particularly interested him in any event, so it didn’t really go any further.

“As I understand it, the club – Chris Reeves (Club chairman) had a sort of an initial approach from a Conference South side, but I don’t think that is going to go any further.”

Lee, now into his third spell at the Black Gold stadium, had a nomadic start to his career – turning out for 12 clubs before turning 24.

Despite the temptation of returning to England’s sixth tier, Killick advised that Lee should focus on his football rather than transfer rumours.

“Tony needs to focus on what he is doing, and then good things can happen to him, I’m sure,” continued Killick.

“I don’t want to be distracted by all of that stuff, I think it’s important that he completely concentrates on what he is doing, otherwise you can end up missing out.

“If he produces for us over a consistent level over a consistent period of time, then good things will happen for him. But he needs just stick with what is in front of him for now.”

Despite being keen to keep his top goalscorer, Killick understands why clubs are starting to take a vested interest in Lee – and admitting he was similar in his approach to strikers.

“I think the thing that everyone’s eye gets caught by is goalscoring records,” admitted Killick.

“I’m always looking at people that are scoring goals lower down. That’s how we came to first give Toby Holmes an opportunity.

“He was scoring a hell of a lot of goals in the Dorset Premier League. People say ‘oh it’s only the DPL’ but I think goalscorers are goalscorers, it catches your eye.

“I think that’s what is happening with Tony, because of his goal record, he is catching the eye.”

Lee’s form in front of goal is nearly unprecedented for Poole in the Southern League, with Killick revealing his struggles in finding a prolific marksman in years gone by.

“I’ve always found in the last seven or eight years, that it’s very difficult to sign good strikers. They are hard to come by, they’re expensive to acquire – there seems to be a bit of a scarcity, particularly ones with a bit of a physical presence.

“I think when you get someone like Tony, it’s understandable that he’s attracting attention.

“But I think he’s happy with us, I think one of the reasons he is doing well is that he feels very happy in the environment that we’ve got at Poole.

“I think he’s very comfortable with his teammates, he acknowledges what they give him in terms of support on and off the pitch.”

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