Interview: Poole won’t take FA Trophy lightly

Tom Killick is preparing his charges for a tough fixture in the FA Trophy – a competition he prioritises alongside the League and FA Cup.

Dolphins visit lower league Frome this afternoon, but with the Robins flying high in their own league, Killick is keen for his charges to focus on the task at hand and advance Poole to the First Round proper of the FA Trophy.

Killick told All Poole Aren’t We: “I think everyone in our league and in the league above, I think no one takes the FA Trophy lightly.

“Once you start getting into the rounds with the Conference National sides, it may be that some of the bigger teams in that league would prioritise promotion over and above the FA Trophy, but anyone below that level I think views the FA Trophy the same way they do the FA Cup.

“They’d be fielding their strongest possible side, they’d be wanting to go as far as they can, both from a prestige point of view and a revenue point of view.

“I think everyone at out level would view the Trophy as one of the priorities at the start of the season. It’s the league, the FA Cup, the FA Trophy. They’re the three big competitions that you’re in, they’re the three big competitions you want to do well in.

“We’ll be wanting to win the game, that’s for sure.”

Centreback pair Jamie Whisken and Will Spetch have been nursing injuries despite playing over the past few weeks, with Whisken finally succumbing to a groin injury.

“We’re probably going to make a decision to leave Whisk out,” continued Killick. “We hope that a week and a half rest may help it settle down.

With the absence of Whisken, Killick is wary of leaving Will Spetch out – stating: “The old warhorse, we’ll patch him up and send him out to battle.”

“We know it’s going to be a really tough game, with it being away from home. Although they’re in a lower league, we know they’re flying in their league.

“They’ve got some very good players. From that point of view, it’s a good game, because it means if we turn up with anything apart from the proper focus and determination we will get turned over.

I’d rather have a game like that, which on paper is difficult, rather than one that the players may sort of almost still have a sense of complacency – I’d be amazed if they did after two defeats, but I don’t think there is any sense of that in this fixture.

“I think it’s good, we need to have an edge about us. I think going away from home against a side who are used to winning, and tomorrow will be expecting to win, I think that’s a good scenario for us and good challenge.

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