Interview: ‘Insipid’ a good word to describe Poole according to Killick

Tom Killick was left demanding more from his players after they failed to show ‘real desperation’ in their 3-0 defeat to lowly Weston-super-Mare.

After an even first-half neither side dominated, Poole capitulated to let an average-looking Weston side cruise to a 3-0 win.

Speaking of the performance, Killick told All Poole Aren’t We: “The big thing is, if you’re watching the game, did you see a real desperation seeping through our veins in terms of wanting to win a game of football?

“No. Did it look like it was desperately needed points? No. We’re at home, and we’ve come here on the back of a reasonable away performance. I think insipid is a very good word because that’s what it was.

“It wasn’t bad, it wasn’t sort of terrible – it sounds weird but I thought they weren’t very good either. The game was sort of a nothing game.

“But they’re away from home, so they don’t really have to inflict any damage. They’re probably quiet happy to stay in it and try and nick something.

“So, the onus is on us to go and influence the game, to dictate the game, and that’s where it’s disappointing that we really, in a huge way, failed to do that.”

Despite poor results at home, Poole are firmly in contention for a playoff spot – but Killick is fully aware that the poor form cannot continue for much longer.

“I think games like this, sequences of results that we’ve had if you take the Walton result out, make you question yourself. That’s always been the case. You think to yourself, what am I failing to do? That’s a fairly natural thing.

“Also, it’s a fairly unpleasant experience to be involved with, to be manager of a football team that is performing in a way that we have in our last three home games.

“It makes me question myself, what I’m doing, but it doesn’t necessarily make me think I don’t want to do it anymore. I’ve had 17 years of having to cope with difficult moments, difficult sequences of results.

“I wouldn’t say it makes me question whether I want to do the job, it just makes me question whether I’m doing it in a proper manner.”

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