Interview: Killick forced to return to the transfer market after Fletcher injury

Fletcher during more joyous times – (Photo Credit: Jon Ashworth / Side of the World)

Poole Town are looking to draft in another striker after youngster Will Fletcher suffered an injury whilst working.

Fletcher fell off a ladder, and whilst brain scans show there luckily is no damage to his head, he did break his collarbone.

Boss Tom Killick told All Poole Aren’t We: “Unfortunately, he fell off a ladder. He was very lucky not to have injured himself quite badly – he fell through two floors.

“When I say quite badly, he had to have a brain scan, because he landed sort of on his head, but thankfully there is no brain injury.

“He’s got a broken collarbone, so we’re waiting to hear how long it will be, but I think you’ve got to be looking at a couple of months minimum.”

Top goal-scorer Tony Lee has been playing the majority of the season with a niggle, whilst British Virgin Islands International Bailey Rowe is still on the comeback trail after an injury of his own.

“Trouble with Bailey is, he hasn’t played for months. In terms of fitness, he’s miles away. He basically missed all of pre-season. He’s not going to be back anytime soon, in terms of being ready to play games.

“We’ve got young Addwell, but it is a bit of a problem. I was quite happy to have Tony and Will, with Addwell as backup, but considering we’ve lost Will for quite a while, we need to get someone in really.”

Addwell Chipangura can play upfront but is largely seen as a winger by Poole. Killick had previously hinted at potential further loans from both AFC Bournemouth and Southampton.

However, there is a difficulty for Killick, with both clubs likely to want guaranteed game-time for any loan deal – whilst Poole are only looking to replenish squad depth.

“It would be a loan or permanent. We will look at both, but we need to bring in someone sooner rather than later.”

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