Interview: ‘I cannot spend £3.50 on a player’ Killick heavily restricted by financial constraints

Tom Killick again reiterated the tight budget Poole Town are operating on this season – leaving the stalwart unable to readily add to his beleaugered squad.

Most clubs in non-league have been adversely impacted by the pandemic, but prior to the two curtailed seasons, Dolphins were already struggling due to numerous postponements caused by flooding at the Black Gold Stadium.

With funds focused on improving the draining around the pitch as well as the everlasting hunt for a permanent home for the club, Killick is finding that his playing budget isn’t as large as it used to be.

“I cannot spend £3.50 on a player, in terms of wages.,” began Killick. “I’m told what we are spending is slightly more than we should be.”

Centre back pairing Jamie Whisken and Will Spetch have been carrying knocks since the start of September, with first choice back-up Sean Wright potentially ruled out long-term after twisting his knee against Chippenham.

“I geniunely felt that I wasn’t too worried, because there are people that haven’t played that deserved to play, and I’m comfortable with that,” added Killick.

“But, against Chippenham, we have picked up two more. Sean Wright has come off, and it doesn’t look like to me that is one that is going to sort itself out any time soon.

“I hope I’m wrong, but that to me, looks like it could be a little bit longer term. I’ve got Whisk who is struggling, JD is tight, Tony has been carrying a knock.”

Killick is looking to the loan market to add to his squad, but his search is limited to generous clubs that will not look for any wages covered.

“So, ideally we bring people in. But I can only bring people in if they don’t cost anything, and they’re difficult to find.

“It’s not easy. There’s a possibility that something may happen between now and the weekend, in terms of a player that costs nothing.

“If we can do that we will, if not, we will plough on with what we’ve got.”

Poole’s U23s have made a strong start to their campaign, but with multiple members still only U18, and a majority of the squad dual registered in the lower leagues, Killick is uncertain how much use they will prove to be.

“The U23s might have to be ready, even if they aren’t,” Killick continued.

“In an ideal world, they probably aren’t ready just yet. I say not yet, because they’re all capable of being very good players in their own right, in the fullness of time.

“At the moment, they’re not a level we’d want for them to be in the squad, or starting eleven.

“But, if it gets to a point where a lack of numbers demands that they play, then we will bring in a few it that has to be.”

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